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One of LedgerPlus' main goals is to support as many languages as possible while staying as close as possible to the DWS Systems upstream version. LedgerPlus, just as its upstream parent SQL Ledger, is free software under the General Public Licence so anyone can grab the code, run it, make and distribute changes. To facilitate collaborative work on LedgerPlus has been chosen as it's main development platform with its repostory being:

Everyone is invited to clone and fork this repository with "Pull requests" being more than welcome.

High Prority Language Projects

  • French
  • Spanish

Getting a local copy on your computer using git:

git clone

For French and Spanish everything has been prepared so far. You will notice that in the directory locale/fr (or locale/es respectively) there are various .missing files which require translation. You do not need a full-blown CAT-System but you can edit these files using a text-editior. Please only translate the .missing files by entering the appropriate string in between the '' empty fields. At some points you will notice that some strings appear in various .missing-files. In case it has been translated in a different file you can leave these open. I will be using the file to integrate your modifications so with one translation you might be able to fill many gaps throughout the whole LedgerPlus program.